Do you know that feeling? There is an enormous amount of important work to be done and you are gonna to be late anyway – nevertheless this is the moment you wake up in the morning and the very first thing you think about is: My apartment badly needs a clean. Now!”  And you are devoting yourself entirely to this project and keep on consistently pursuing it over the next hours. All the time bearing in mind ‘Keep calm, finally it is Sunday!’

I would call that the M O N D A Y M O R N I N G C L A S S T E S T S Y N D R O M – but only because no evidence is shown for another final scientific description. I have already done some research just now – which is confirming my trouble once agin.

The longer the speech … bla bla bla – if someone comes along to compliment me today my apartment shines at least. Besides that I already had an ample breakfast in the afternoon. Time to pay attention to the actual thing of the day.  I could elaborate much more again, but I prefer to remain brief: Once I had the opinion blogging is silly B U T  “The open thinking human is changing his mind” as Nietzsche was aware. Lo and behold – H O O R A Y, I have joined. Maybe because I have always been a bit weird anyway.

Have fun with   N O V O   M O M E N T O .

The author *smiling

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