The Story behind M O M E N T O 

It is true to say that life is a combination of present moments – of great and small, funny and tragically, ordinary and special. And each moment is unique. 11134440_10206713302461387_2019429004_nWithout a doubt, from time to time we all witness kinds of a deja vu. We supposed to had been here earlier – in this moment. But even if we feel most confident there is no moment the accurate repetition of any other. Nothing in life stays unchanged ad infinitum. Nothing stays the same forever. Nor the life itself neither our feelings we are beset undergoing life. Life can take a surprising turn anytime and amazement can lurk behind every corner – ready to hold up something new or simply different for you.

Taking new directions – experiencing moments – remaining – 11130624_10206713145137454_304690718_nstopping – empathising – catching moods – picking them up passing them over – this is precisely what it should all be about at  N O V O   M O M E N T O. Moments surround us, cloak us – everywhere at any time. Sometimes they straightly jump into your face and sometimes dangling in a hidden place – it does not matter – they are always here, irrefutably – our constant companions.

The long awaited record release of your favorite band, the spontaneous invite to a concert, the book you simply cannot put down, the playlist droning under you blanket all night long, “philosophic” outpourings with friends while drinking vino, 11094227_10206713144937449_707161113_nthe song you still sing in your dreams, the delicious dinner, the vernissage,the theme party, the road trip with your child, even your daily routine – all these moments going to give meaning to our lives. They shape our lives and decide whether you stay or move on and where the journey is supposed to take us finally.


N O V O  M O M E N T O means a souvenir and discovering moments, which you did not expected. Since that is ultimately what is at issue, when traveling – in life!